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Bathtub Refinishing New Jersey TubKlass Reglazing Resurfacin

About Tub Klass LLC
We refinish Cast Iron, Pressed Steel and Fiberglass Bathtubs, Shower Pans, Tile Walls, and Counter Tops.
Refinishing your ceramic tile with Stone-Flecks is more cost effective and involves less downtime than replacing. Stone-Flecks is non-porous, unlike traditional tile surfaces and grout lines. Refinishing your ceramic tile walls helps eliminate the likelihood of mold and bacterial growth making the surface safer for your family and guests. With the waterproofing action of Stone-Flecks you no longer have to worry about regrouting and recaulking your ceramic tile, making Stone-Flecks the best choice for a maintenance free, easy to clean finish. Refinishing 

 We offer a Wide Variety of colors.
Stone-Fleck Refinishing. Get the “natural” look and beauty
of stone finishes on your wallstilesand counters.  (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!)

The best materials available on the market are the only materials we use, and we never skip steps in the Refinishing Process. We are confident in our products and services that we stand behind our Process with a written warranty. All of our technicians are highly trained and experienced in refinishing.
Bathtub Refinishing New Jersey Klass LLC is family-owned and operated in Clifton, NJ. Since opening in 1997, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch.


Why Refinish ?
  • You are not happy with the way your Tub looks.
  • Save as much as 80% over the cost of replacement. To replace a tub and tile can cost as much as $2500.00
  • You have tried every product in the market and still your tub does not make you feel like a Queen or king.
  • Dread Bathing the Children in that Ugly Tub or Maybe even your dog.
  • Hum? How about refinishing it yourself?
  • Why pay a professional?
  • Can you save money by doing it Yourself?
You can purchase a DIY kit, but they are limited in their strength, durability and not all the chemicals and materials needed to refinish your tub come in the Kit.
You don’t have a Spray gun so you would use a brush or a roller. Most often the refinishing tub done with DIY Kit will start to peel. Leaving you with a choice of Replacing the Tub (which will open a can of worms) or calling a Professional to strip and finish the tub.
Bathtub Refinishing /Reglazing should not be a do-it-yourself project. If the DIY kits worked, there would not be a need for professional refinishers.

Don’t REPLACE when you can REGLAZE!
At Tub Klass LLC, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.
  • Scratches
  • Worn Out / Dull Finish
  • Difficult to get Clean
  • Or Maybe just the wrong Color
**We Also Specialize In**
These are all remedied in just a few hours with our refinishing process. After refinishing, you have a tub, Tile, or Counter Top with a smooth glossy finish that will stay looking great for years and is easy to maintain.

Liner Removal (It’s never to late for that beautiful bathroom) 
   Are you a Customer that has felt abandoned with nowhere to turn, left with an expensive liner in your bathroom that sounds like a whoopee cushion and looks like a warped piece of cheap plastic? Well if you can answer yes to this question then you are not alone. Every year thousands of liners get installed and every year just as many liners are being removed. The bottom line is that liners don’t work!  Just watch this liner removal video… it explains it all. ↓